If you have additional questions regarding our services, clients, or opportunities, feel free to call us at 424-258-4871.

What kind of sales do you do?

We specialize in business to business (B2B) sales, which involves the initial approach and customer retention and acquisition. Our professionals work on the front-end of the sales cycle where our job is to build interest in our clients services and products. This delivers a long term profitable customer who our clients manage from there on out. Our job is make sure it is a win-win-win on all parties.

We overcome the obstacles and barriers in obtaining a customer that cannot be achieved through traditional forms of marketing and advertising by being face to face.

Who are your clients?

Most of our clients are Fortune 100 and 500 companies. Due to confidentiality agreements, we are unable to publicly disclose our clients names. Candidates who are selected for a preliminary interview learn about our current clients, as well as clients who we are about to bring on for pilot programs and campaign assignments.

Some criteria our clients must meet:

  • Have an established and positive nationwide reputation
  • Have the infrastructure to support hundreds of our sales and marketing reps
  • Offer competitive pricing and exclusive promotions for our campaign teams
  • Have the best products and services within that market
What separates you from the competition?

Our people are our secret sauce. We only recruit and hire the most professional, highly motivated, highly talented and competitive individuals to represent our clients. The acquisition of quality customers through direct sales is a by-product of our intensive focus on leadership development within the program. This makes our clients want more from us and puts us on the map to attain more Fortune 500 clients to our portfolio.

How quickly can I get promoted?

That depends on you! One of the real distinguishing factors about West Coast Concepts is that your success is truly in your hands. Once someone is accepted into our Leadership Development Program, they begin in the entry-level phase and all promotions are entirely based on performance and goals. We have seen people move through to management in less than a year and have seen take up to three. This is a fraction of the time it takes compared to other seniority-based companies where corporate budgets and bureaucracy limit growth of the employees. This provides our people with a clear career path without fear for layoff or downsizing.